Apple Appears to have Started a Warfare!


This Time Around, Apple is on the Verge of War with Google

On May 22, Apple attacked android phones by dedicating its website to persuade people to switch to iphones.
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But the campaign didn’t stop there! This time around, Apple’s new target becomes Google.
On Monday, Apple released three adverts, each of 15 seconds a pop that each focuses on a single issue: security, performance, and speed.

The primary message appears the same every time: You get a better experience on an iPhone and it’s easy to switch platforms.

The ads won’t run on television screens as these 15 seconds videos are popping up before videos on Youtube and social media websites.

In case you’re asking why Apple is so forcefully pursuing its rivals’ user base, this is on the grounds that it needs to. As the business sectors of major smart phones develop, drawing in “switchers” is progressively critical for Apple to develop.

This ad is explaining people that Apple focuses on your security.

Here they’re describing the “fast performance” of the iPhones.

This one tells that transferring of contacts to iPhones is easier than ever.

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