Glimmer Of Hope

The Apple investors have finally found a glimpse of hope in Taiwan.

The iPhone sales have gradually started going down. And it is still going down at an alarming rate. Apple Investors are very concerned as the sales have almost gone down to a quarter.

Revenue at the two main assemblers of iPhones showed a lot of growth. Across a number of Taiwanese suppliers, including component makers, the sales in November climbed 9.3 percent from a year earlier. Taiwan requires companies to report revenue monthly, providing the market unique mid-quarter insight into the hardware supply chain.

Another red flag for the Apple company is that iPhone XR, a lower-priced iPhone model didn’t make it on the shelves until late October. It was a whole month after the iPhone XS and XS Max versions.

This makes October and November the product figures, and the yielding time for suppliers. At the start of November, Apple was telling companies to ease up on XR production because of weak demand.

Investors might elucidate this data as breathing new life into Apple’s story.





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