The costly iPhone flagship yet may become comparatively cheaper in 2018, if the latest rumours prove to be true, likely attracting more customers to buy an iPhone X. The reason is Apple isn’t able to sell enough of the devices in its home country, Singapore, Taiwan, and other important markets.

This report comes via DigiTimes, a popular website known for its rumours coverage, so taking anything as certain may not be a wise thing. However, the report further suggests Apple plans to decrease its iPhone X orders for the first quarter of 2018 due to the lack of demand.

Analysts at JL Warren Capital criticized “weak demand because of the iPhone X’s high price point,” in a quote to Bloomberg, and anticipate shipments to drop down from 30 million over the last three months ,to 25 million in the first quarter of 2018. Other analysts estimate far higher predicted sales figures, and greater decrease for the iPhone X next year.

The iPhone X is priced at $1000 but can cost more depending on the storage size. But how much the company will cut the price? DigiTimes didn’t give any further details on the topic. The report also indicates a fall in prices of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which suffered from poor sales due to the most-anticipated iPhone X.

Apple usually drops down the price of an iPhone when a new model is near or has just been launched. Cutting the price on a current phone just a few months after launch is more unusual, but it did pull a similar trick to increase iPad sales in 2017.

The iPad cuts may give us a hint about how much Apple could cut the iPhone X by, and they range from $50 to $100. Would you consider buying a $950 iPhone X, after deciding a $1,000 iPhone X was too expensive?


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