Smart glasses will become a reality in the near future as Apple plans to launch smart glasses as early as next year! From snapchat spectacles to smart glasses we are yet to see many more technological advancements. Maybe one day we won’t even need a phone and will just need Augmented reality to do our tasks.

Apple smart glasses are said to be some form of augmented reality which display virtual messages on top of reality which helps you multitask more, now you can pick up calls easily without having to hold your phone to your ear and the other person will hear you clearly too.

There has been speculation about the smart glasses since 2015 where apple reportedly has assembled a team to make a virtual reality headset, shortly after the release of the apple watch. Reportedly Rockwell, head of engineering at DOW labs was spearheading this research project and was managing hundreds of Apple engineers. His team was also behind Apples AR kit which lets software developers build their own AR applications for the iphone and ipad. In January 2016 the financial times started claiming that Apple had assembled a team of 100 people to build prototypes for augmented reality headsets, They had also purchased Flyby media a firm that had previously worked with google and had made devices that let users see the world around them as well.

Apple devices will work on the A series chip and a new operating system called the reality operating system. The company is currently working on new ways to make the system able to accept different commands and do different tasks like touch panels, voice activation and head + eye gestures. Consistent activities have led to speculation that Apple is being very thorough before launching it smart glasses they also bought Akonia Holographics that make AR imagery bright for outdoor use.

Apple currently may not have a product but it is already the third most recognizable name in the industry as stated by the report by research firm Digi capital and Augmented world expo (AWE). Apple smart glasses are number 3 behind Microsoft Holo lens and magic leap which is a good sign however many consumers will opt out of getting the apple watch because of having so many devices to handle with the phone ( apple watch, the iphone itself and then smart glasses too).



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