According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the iOS giant Apple is all set to release Series 4 of their famous Apple Watches. This latest Apple news was sent to all the investors in the market yesterday in a note.

With larger displays as their major update and an improved design, it is believed by the KGI Securities’ analyst that the sales of the new Apple watches will increase to 22-24 million this year. The will result in a growth rate of 30 percent in 2018.


Specifications of the Apple Watch Series 4:

The watches are rumored to have a 15% larger display than the previous watches with a new design. According to the top Apple news, the new series of watches will also come with improvements in health monitoring, longer battery life, and an efficient system. With a larger display, it is also possible for the watches to have thinner bezels unlike the previous ones but the rumors have not been confirmed yet.

Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the new Apple watch series will have new sensors and potentially a “more trendy form factor design”.

Previous generations of the Apple Watches:

Apple introduced its first smartwatch series 1 back in 2015, and the design of these watches has not changed since the last three series.

The smartwatch was designed to be paired with an iPhone as the watch has a home screen full of multiple apps that helps all the iPhone owners to see their notifications on the watch by pushing them through their iPhone.

Also, all the Apple watches work with iPhone 5 and the newer iPhones, and run on the same watchOS software.

Other new gadgets by Apple this year:

The iOS giant is bringing out a cheaper iPad aimed for students all over the world. This pocket-friendly iPad will also include an Apple Pen that will help them to draw, sketch and write easily.

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