We all know the company’s fall event, but what we don’t know is that the company also made a few major changes to its iPhone 7 lineup. The company stopped offering 256 GB model since September 12, leaving consumers with just three options: 32GB, 128GB, or the 256GB iPhone 8.

Mashable also talked to an Apple customer service representative, who confirmed the news.

The main purpose behind the move seems simple: To encourage customers to buy its just-released iPhone 8 with a larger capacity, making it the only way to encourage purchases even from those who aren’t really into buying a new handset.

While you can’t buy a 256GB iPhone 7 directly from Apple any longer, it’s available via your wireless carrier. Verizon still offers a 256GB iPhone 7 for $749.99, compared to $849.99 for the 256GB iPhone 8, for example.

Apple has allegedly attempted hard to generate consumers’ interests in the latest iPhone 8.  Anecdotal responses from wireless carriers in the U.S. estimated consumers are actually purchasing more iPhone 7 devices than iPhone 8s. They’ve also started to Google iPhone 7 more.

Obviously, the iPhone 8 isn’t the only one launched this fall. A more advanced device with groundbreaking technology is on its way in November, potentially decreasing interest in iPhone 8.



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