After Samsung now it’s Apple’s turn to be haunted by battery issues. Over the past few weeks, there have been multiple reports including the one published by, claiming that the iPhone 8 units are splitting apart after several days of use. It is being speculated that the batteries inside the iPhone 8 are swelling, causing the new iPhones to split open.

Apple has now acknowledged the issue and stated, “We are aware and looking into it.” It’s not clear at the moment whether all of the iPhone 8 units have been affected or it’s just the certain units.

Telenews reported the issue last month when a Taiwanese woman claimed that her iPhone 8 split apart after plugging it in to charge. She also shared a few photos of the damaged iPhone. Since then, there have been similar cases in Japan, China, Canada and even Greece. Fortunately, no one has so far reported units catching fire or exploding – something that happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year.

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While the battery related issues are far more serious, the company had some flaws with its latest iOS 11 software as well. Since the official release on September 19, the company has already released two minor updates for the iOS devices. The last update brought bug fixes, performance improvements and crackling sound during voice calls reported by some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 users. It also fixed an issue that caused some photos to become hidden.

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At the time when reported the issue, many of the Apple fans refused to accept calling it fake or a cooked-up story. However, now the official reaction from Apple will now silent many who were questioning the authenticity of the news.

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