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Apple finally beat Samsung as the most popular and profit grossing Smartphone Company after losing consistently to the Korean tech giant throughout the entirety of 2017. The last quarter however, Apple finally reclaimed its place as the king of smartphones.

It must be noted that this is the same time that Apple released their newest flagship phones the iPhone 8, 8+ and their tenth anniversary phone, the iPhone X. Although these phones have not been as successful and have not reaped the sales that Apple expected them to they still managed to give an edge to the American tech mogul to surpass all other companies once again. After all, releasing three new phones into a market filled with hype beats, loyal fans and tech enthusiasts at the same time will impact your stock and your company overall immensely.

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The last quarter of 2017 was a very intriguing time for the smartphone industry as not only did Apple flood the market with their new products but global shipment of phones fell down a whopping 6.3% than they were the same quarter last year, indicating a lack of interest from the public to new phones. Apple, despite market trends, has declared a massive paycheck of $88.3 billion in the last quarter of 2017!

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