Though Samsung is one of the closest Apple’s rivals, it’s speculated to gain loads of money from iPhone X’s sales. The reason behind is that the company supplies several phone’s components, the major one is its curved OLED display.

Well, no doubt, Samsung is dominating the OLED market, it still has to commercialize flexible OLED mobile displays. In that regard, LG has plans to get ahead, which could be the reason Apple may be looking forward to availing LG’s services for a future product.

As The Bell (via The Investor) reports, Apple will avail LG’s services by using flexible displays supplied by LG for its upcoming foldable device. Meanwhile, LG’s Innotek business is said to be all set to produce the rigid-flexible printed circuit boards or RFPCBs, that would be included in the phones.

As The Bell‘s sources said, Apple might launch this device sometime in 2020, which could give Samsung and LG a head-start. These OEMs have long-since been speculated to launch a folding device but haven’t yet. Rumours are already swirling around, and first of these devices might see the daylight in 2018.

Earlier rumours suggest Apple could invest as much as $2.6 billion in support of LG’s new OLED plant (a deal which The Investor notes still hasn’t been finalized).

Both Apple’s plans for a folding device and partnership with LG on future display are still just rumours — but with flexible phones gearing up, and makers finding ways to stop Samsung’s display dominance, the speculation isn’t without merit.


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