Apple is deciding to use high-end technology for its new year’s iPhones screens as reported in South Korea’s Electronic Times. It is said that OLED screens will be used in the three new models that are to be introduced next year.

Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED is the technology that makes images appear brighter and sharper. By far only iPhone X uses OLED panels as compared to some other smartphones that use LCD or Liquid Crystal Display panels. Even iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus uses LCD screens.

According to Jerry Kang, a senior principal analyst at IHS Markit, “Apple had been trying to improve the iPhone’s display technology with OLED to differentiate its smartphones from competitors.”

He also said that the possibility of it is considering if all iPhone models achieve the market demand with competitive pricing since it is an expensive technology.

Apple’s suppliers have reportedly been affected by the plan

Following the news of this switch of technology, shares of some iPhone display suppliers have fell in Asia. Japan Display’s shares fell as much as 21% at some point. Samsung, who is currently an exclusive OLED panel provider for iPhone, their shares in Seoul has dropped around 1.7% and a decline of 4.3% by Sharp Corp. has also been reported.

Apple sold, in 2017, a recorded number of 216 million devices which causes most analysts to believe that the shift is challenging and might not be happening in the coming year.

“Apple hasn’t been able to expand on its iPhone X production because of market demand and price issues”, said Kang, “whether for Apple to go full OLED is going to happen at this point is a question mark.”

Some recent reports have suggested that Apple might be considering LG as a potential supplier for its OLED panels but the manufacturing issues appearing in LG’s own products may cause disruption for this possible collaboration.

Nevertheless, the shares of LG has risen to as much as 5.9%, which is the highest in the past four months so the switch plans of Apple might still be in order.

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