As we already know Apple’s battle with Qualcomm continues to intensify, the US-based tech giant is again said to be considering modems from MediaTek for the upcoming flagships. DigiTimes reports that Apple is looking for additional capacity after ‘transferring half of its orders to Intel from Qualcomm’…

The report cites unnamed sources and explains that MediaTek has the capacity, technology, and pricing advantages to provide Apple with modems for the iPhone. MediaTek would join Intel in providing modems to Apple for the iPhone.

Some industry watchers said that MediaTek meets the three principles long followed by Apple in determining providers of chip solutions for its various product lines: leading technological competitiveness, comprehensive product blueprints, and reliable logistic support.

Moreover, DigiTimes explains that the partnership between MediaTek and Apple could extend beyond supplying just modems, with MediaTek being a leader in supply chain solutions for smart speakers and wireless charging devices.

Today’s report suggests the same report from The Wall Street Journal last month, which described how Apple was planning and working to move away from Qualcomm in favour of MediaTek and Intel.

Well, this is all unofficial, so we should take this all with a grain of salt until any official statement.

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