Apple has come up with another minor update to its iOS for iPhones and iPads on Tuesday. The latest update, iOS 11.0.2, brings bug fixes and performance improvements. It fixes a crackling sound during voice calls reported by some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 users, and an issue that caused some photos to become hidden.

The 287MB update is available for all iOS 11 compatible devices including the sixth-generation iPod Toch.

This is the second update to iOS 11 which rolled out on September 19. The company had rolled out a minor update just a week later. The previous update, version iOS 11.0.1, fixed issues relating to Microsoft emails.

The iOS 11.0.1 update, however, had some serious flaws such as battery drain on some iOS devices. “iOS11 issues so far, it has almost bricked my phone: Spotify stops being shown on the lock screen, reboot fixes then occur again after a few hours. Alarm is silent when phone is in silent mode, no fix yet. Volume control doesn’t work when locked or display, reboot sometimes fixes. Remove aux cable and no sound via phone until the app is ended. Multiple apps don’t open properly, freeze on launch screen for 20 seconds or more,” a user posted on Reddit.

“My iPhone battery percentage just went 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 As quickly as your read that,” another user said on Twitter.

Surprisingly, the latest iOS update doesn’t say anything about the battery drain issue we posted a week ago.

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However, I’m expecting that the company will be fixing the battery problems and other major glitches with its next major update, iOS 11.1, which is currently in beta phase.

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