Amazon drew no small amount of flak when it pulled the Apple TV from its online store 2 years ago. Was it really so determined to push Prime Video that it would limit your device options? Well, yes, but it’s thankfully having a change of heart. The internet retailer has quietly re-listed the Apple TV (specifically, the Apple TV 4K) now that the set-tops’s Prime Video app is on the horizon. While it’s listed as out of stock, that’s likely to change before long.

This doesn’t mean that the Prime Video app is imminent — it could be weeks away. It’s a good sign, though, and suggests that Amazon really is interested more in promoting Prime Video than guarding its hardware sales. As it is, this won’t make everyone happy. Google’s Chromecast devices, which don’t currently support Prime Video, are still missing in action. Think of this as one step forward, rather than an end to a long saga.

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