Zero-Sign On

Apple’s TV exceptional, new feature, namely “Zero Sign-on” was announced. Supposedly, come in 2018. and the cable provider Charter Spectrum was set to be the first to offer it.

The Spectrum app, when it lands, promises to provide subscribers with ‘hundreds of live TV channels and tens of thousands of on-demand’ TV shows and movies.

But then September came, tvOS 12 came, without any sign of the Charter Spectrum’s App or the feature that was set to launch with it.

However, it still hasn’t arrived, and Apple has quietly changed the promise of a Charter Spectrum app from “later this year” to “coming soon”.

Zero sign-on was publicized by Apple during its WWDC 2018 keynote. It is a process to simplify the process of logging into cable TV apps. So that one doesn’t have to deal with the fuss of remembering a username and password. This amazing new system will be able to detect when you’re connected to your cable provider’s broadband network and sign you in automatically.

Apple previously aimed to unravel this process with “single sign-on” which shared your login credentials between your Apple devices so you only had to enter them once.

So it looks like we’ll have to wait till the next year to for the exciting feature that we were all desperately waiting for.






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