We have already seen Apple Watch 2 and we are approaching its 2nd anniversary. But the rumours about its second generation have become the talk of the town.

Apple displayed the next generation of its smart watches, WatchOS4, at WWDC in June. And during the conference, the company gave some hints about what might come in the future of the Apple Watch.

Currently, the biggest question roaming around is whether the company will be able to deliver its iPhone 8 in its given timeframe. According to latest rumours, iPhone 8 seems to be delayed.

The launching time of iPhone 8 is definitely going to have an impact over Apple Watch 3.

Rumoured Specs:

Below are some of the most prominent Apple Watch 3 rumours buzzing around:

  • Standalone LTE connectivity via SIM card
  • FaceTime camera
  • Micro-LED display
  • Glass-film touch technology
  • Slimmer, more lightweight design
  • Water resistance
  • Confirmed: WatchOS 4 operating system
  • Sleep tracking
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Respiration sensors
  • Integrated power meter
  • Smart bands
  • Improved and/or faster “wireless” (aka inductive) charging
  • Starting price around $349, £349 or AU$499

One rumoured update is the use of a cellular modem, which would let people make a call or send text from the Watch without even needing your iPhone. In March, Barron’s published an article in which he claimed that the next Apple Watch will have a built-in SIM card and support for LTE.

Apple has also considered building a camera over the Watch’s top bezel, making this device the smallest to run FaceTime.

CNBC has reported that CEO Tim Cook has been testing a blood sugar tracker paired to his Apple Watch and that the company has dedicated a whole team to develop a non-invasive, continuous glucose monitor.

We cannot have an exact track record of its launch since Apple Watch hasn’t been around for long, but we can expect Apple to roll out its next generation this fall.


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