Apple is willing to sell 4K movies for $20 but the studio thinks otherwise


Apple wants to sell 4K movies at $19.99 but the studio thinks the amount is too less for 4K content to be sold at such lowest price.

The motivation of Apple to sell 4K movies at a lower price is just because it is launching its own Apple TV which will show content in 4K resolution. The problem being, whoever buys the Apple Tv will need 4K content and that’s why Apple is trying to convince the movie studios to sell the 4K content at the proposed price.

After pushing this idea hard on movie studios, everyone has begun to judge the company now.  “I wouldn’t tell Apple how to price their iPads,” one unnamed executive told the Journal.

The companies are trying to strike a deal before September 12, the day when Apple will launch its iPhones and Apple TV.

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