The Popular AR-based game Pokemon Go is all set to release a big update for iPhone users.

An expected update to the game will be leveraging Apple’s popular AR platform, ARKit, to deliver better and more immersive experience to users.

The new move adds value to the playing field and lets Pokemon monsters adjust to fit their environment. The game’s creatures will now flee when they detect sudden movement or if players approach too rapidly.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that projects life-like images into real-world settings such as parks and streetscapes.

CEO of “Pokemon Go” creator Niantic, John Hanke, firmly believes iPhones equipped with Apple’s AR software now offer the best way to play the game.

Many analysts believe this move as an ironic twist because Niantic spun out of Google, whose Android software powers most of the smartphones in the world. Hanke played a key role in build Google Maps, one of the most frequently used apps on Android phones.

Just for a note, “Pokemon Go” has been offering an AR option since its release 17 months ago, but the technology Apple is using is far more advanced than the one game has been using.

Apple is high on hopes that app makers will explore compelling ways to deploy its AR tools, assisting to hook the masses on a technology that so far has been embraced by a sliver of smartphone users. If AR takes off, many analysts believe Apple will branch out in a few years and release a new line of devices designed specifically for AR, as per Associated Press reported.

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