Apple has been complimentary giving a pair of Beats headphones to the students who buy a new MacBook or MacBook pro. But here’s something weird about this fact. Unfortunately, Beats headphones can’t be charged by a new MacBook or the MacBook’s power brick without an adapter.

Despite Apple going all in on USB-C with its laptops, no Beats headphones support the increasingly popular connection standard. The headphones Apple has been offering to students include the Solo3 Wireless, which use a USB to Micro USB cable, and the Beats X, which use a USB to Lightning cable, as per The Verge reported.

However, Apple doesn’t look at it as a big blow, as Beats just introduced a new pair of headphones recently— the high-end Studio 3 Wireless — that once again rely on a USB to Micro USB cable. That means there’ll be even more people who’ll have to hang onto an extra cable and adapter in order charge all of their stuff.

I believe this is the negation of ‘Apple-like’ approach to things. With its own products, Apple tosses off standards before they’re ready to go, with little concern for its customers’ frustrations — just see its transition to USB-C and its move away from the headphone jack. So it’s a bit upsetting to see Beats sticking with older standards, especially for a high-end product.

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