The TrueDepth camera used in Face ID for the latest iPhone X has still got to reach a mass audience. The company may or may not have the level that its rivals will want to go for. But KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-chi believes that the company’s rivals, Samsung and Google, will have to pass a time period of around 2.5 years to get its tech up to par.

Why? the tech company had its executives give an exclusive briefing on the technical parchment of the Face ID technology and upon additional review, MacRumors relays Kuo believing that it will take skipping an enormous gap to upgrade from what Samsung has right now: a somewhat unpredictable 2D-based scanning setup. The same analyst also believes, by the way, that Qualcomm will have to go through two years to achieve its 3D sensing technology, something that was not included on the iPhone X.

But that doesn’t mean a top-tier competitor will want to solely just “catch up” through its R&D department. Other opponents, like Sony, will search and obtain solutions from third parties in the meantime.

Well, it’ll be a lengthy trial to see if users will put their trust Apple to get over the familiar Touch ID authentication and shift to Face ID — and the expected audience has dwindled slightly as Kuo lately released his shipment prediction for the iPhone X from around 40 million to between 30 million and 35 million units.



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