Apple’s plan is to launch 3 new models of iPhones in 2019. Most probably they will be a successor of iPhone XR with an LCD display. The largest one among these is most probably the one we have mentioned before. That iPhone will reportedly be having a triple-rear camera system. That is quite opposite to what Apple has been producing up till now but competent to multiple cameras other Androids are coming up with.


As mentioned earlier, a twitter account has revealed some pictures of this new iPhone. It could possibly be called as iPhone XI. The name could be another, or maybe the positioning of cameras would change too. But the plan or introducing triple-rear camera is more convincing to believe.

An iPhone with the Triple Rear Camera System!

The leaks said that this triple camera system will be introduced later this year and not in the beginning. The actual and exact position of these cameras is just a guess till now. And the features it will enable is still a secret. But some news got to spread that Sony is recently working on rear cameras that will be used in smartphones. So maybe the guesses could be made or maybe not.

It is also expected, according to recent reports that Apple might be working on LEDs too. They would possibly introduce OLED in the phones. But the plan is to stick to this idea just by 2020. Because Apple isn’t sure if this will boost their demand or not. The overall demand or selling ratio of iPhones is good and will most probably increase. But the Chinese market needs some extra attention as they might cause Apple a great loss. Maybe due to high competition or any other reason. This guess is made as Apple has a different market with different features and coming up with the same as Androids are doing, might be a concern.

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