According to the reports of The Wall Street Journal, the studios are demanding a higher price while Apple wants a lower one. This is the same battle Apple continually has with its media partners, whether it’s music, books or TV channels.

But the significant thing for Apple is that this used to be a battle that Apple would eventually succeed because Apple was the dominant player in digital media. Unfortunately, that’s not true anymore.

Apple is struggling for 4K movies because it is adding 4K support to its overhauled Apple TV box it will roll out next month. Apple expects the new ability will help it restore market share from low-budget video boxes and dongles sold by Amazon, Google and Roku.

Only adding 4K support surely won’t make any difference, and Apple doesn’t have anything else on to make Apple TV a stand out amongst other competitors.

Steve Jobs always wanted to develop an integrated TV set/pay TV service, but he never made close to the resources he would have required from TV programmers to make it work.

Just because of the fact that TV isn’t working out for Apple right now doesn’t mean it won’t ever. The company’s next big move on TV will be made by next year, as it will spend around $1 billion budget it has kept aside for original shows. This may help the company reach its aim to gain the market share over its rivals.



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