Apple’s web browser, Safari, is set up to have new updates that will make your browsing experience more desirable. The company announced at WWDC that the browser will be having two updates in the upcoming macOS High Sierra desktop operating system. The operating system will be able to

1. Block Auto-Play videos on websites.

The most irritating facet of online browsing is Auto-Play videos that play with the sounds. Safari’s new feature will block auto-play videos and pause the video until the user unpause it. However, it will bring harm to such organizations who monetize by clicks on their video ads.

2. Striking down the ad-trackers.

Safari will block ad trackers that follow users across the web. Apple’s initiative, to protect the data and privacy of users, is impressive. However, it’s still an obstacle for advertisers whose revenues solely lean on ads.

Since Apple’s Safari is only having a 3.6% of desktop browsing activity, its new upcoming features might not have a massive impact. Google, having around 55% of market share in both desktop and mobile web browsing, with its new ad filtering tool probably be having a larger impact.

Either it be Google Chrome or Safari, both have taken great initiatives to improve browsing experience by blocking frustrating ads and making browsing experience more enjoyable.

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