3d rendering humanoid robot with ai text in ciucuit pattern

Evolution of AI:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) we have heard a lot about it, from science fiction movies to reality of science, being approached as advancement in technology and by the critics, the destruction of humanity. So far when there is a fuss, people will have to muss.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is under the development under many largest companies such as Google, INTEL, DELL, SpaceX and the development process of AI is not limited only to bigger ones but also, small enterprises are equipping its products with AI to improve their product’s functionalities.

The industrialized types of equipment require human interaction to execute its tasks in order to complete its process in a specified amount of time. While AI is not only interacting, it also processes the tasks more quickly, the minimum human touch is required and offers maximum growth.

When we say (AI), it does not mean that this technology is only possessed to improve productivity for industries, it has been introduced in all varieties of devices from smartphones to home-appliances.

Who’s developing it?

Huawei recently introduced its Kirin processor in its flagship smartphones, they equipped the AI in its phone for better user’s experience. AI in those phones helped users to save time and improve the efficiency of the phone by equipping the AI. AI helped the users to use features of smartphones in a more unique way, well, smartphones with AI Camera capable of detecting the real-life objects by its name, nature, nature of existence etc.

China, USA, and Russia already racing for its development, China and Russia have claimed that they build AI based on SKYNET, which will be stationed in orbital space by controlling country’s financial, power, government, education, and research and development.

Founder of Microsoft BillGates has quoted that

“Whoever builds the Artificial Intelligence, that country will dominate the world”.

From Smartphones to Self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence is going to take over, From Laptops to Quantum Computing, everything is going to change, the thing is, are we prepared for that change? are we preparing to take part in building sophisticated technologies? Dominance is not important but at least, compete? Its all about our future vision.

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