So, here’s another automaker committing to shift its entire lineup a little more eco-friendly: Aston Martin told the Financial Times that it’ll offer hybrid and electric cars by the middle of next decade.

It’s a common goal now; Volvo already has plans t sell only hybrid or electric cars by 2019, and Britain and France have both planned to ban the sale of non-electric or hybrid auto by 2040.

Aston Martin’s decision is important because it’s a high-end luxury car producer, however, whose target market is specifically driving enthusiasts. Aston Martin had earlier announced its plans to unveil its first completely electric car, the Rapid-e, by 2019.


Don’t presume news of automakers aiming to focus entirely on hybrids and electrics to stop anytime soon; the topic is the talk of the town these days, now it’s just a question of in what order the dominoes fall.





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