Autism or the autistic disability is classified as brain abnormality. The symptoms of this abnormality start to pop up at the starting three years of life. It is categorized as the mental disability because the sufferer losses the social and communication skills to interact with others. The sufferer behaves so differently as compared to the other fellows and resists any change in daily activities. The behavior becomes so defensive resulting in distorted communication with others.

Autistic adults and the employment:

Everybody is blessed in one way or the other. No one from us can deny this truth. Likewise, autism is indeed a neurological disorder but, the autistic adults have many valuable skills that are might be lacked in us. Those valuable skills can be greatly utilized on workplace. Let’s discuss this issue is detail:

Ø  Autistic adults are reliable and loyal:

It has been proved in many researches that the people with autism tend to be very honest and loyal. They are fully committed to their work. Such individuals are very reliable in terms of employment. It has also been observed that the rate of absenteeism is very low in autistic individual. The reason of such loyal commitment is their excessive seriousness and change resistance in daily routine tasks. Many recruiters seek such qualities in their employees.

Ø  Autistic adults are very punctual:

As discussed earlier, autistic people resist changes in daily routines. They avoid any minor change that might happen intentionally or unintentionally. They take extra care in this regard. Obviously, such conscious employees are good for the company. Individuals with autism react abnormally when there is no punctuality of time. It has been keenly observed that they are very curious in their daily morning alarms. Such employees can be proved as the very valuable asset of the company.

Ø  Autistic adults have higher IQ:

Although, autistic adults lack many adaptive skills but, they posses comparatively higher IQ.  During many researches, it has been observed that autistic people are blessed with higher IQ. They are really high functioning adolescents with exceptionally higher intelligence. they are considered as the people with extra minds. They can be proved well-suited for many vacancies in the organizations.

Ø  Autistic adults outshines at creative thinking:

No one can neglect this exceptional quality that autistic adults posses. They surpass others in creative thinking. At workplace, in comparison to other colleagues, autism adults quickly jumps to the innovative solutions while other people starts to think about obvious solutions first. This is the most essential quality that many employers seek during recruitment procedure.

Ø  Autistic adults are detail oriented:

Due to the neurological disability, autistic individuals tend to focus on details. They avoid minor changes and they concentrate on every minor detail. They excel on the tiniest details and they cannot be distracted easily. The jobs requiring detail oriented tasks are good for such individuals.

Why famous people are “famous”?

Famous people are famous among layman because of the added qualities and skills they posses. Autism adults also posses distinguishing characteristics such as:

  • Loyalty
  • Visionary personality
  • Creative thinking
  • Detail orientation
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Higher IQ
  • Appetite for learning

The list is endless. Let’s briefly discuss some famous people with autism:

1.     Charles Darwin:

Who do not know him? Charles Darwin was a famous scientist and biologist of his time. By presenting his theory of evolution and natural selection, he surpassed all others in creative and visionary thinking.  Renowned doctors and psychiatrists, who have studied his habits and mental perception deeply, believe that he suffered from autism.  Reason being, he was a detail oriented person.


2.     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a famous music composer during the classical era. He possessed outstanding music talent.  Music was his life and he quoted this at various occasions. He had the habit of keeping his hands and feet still at particular times.  Leading doctors have studied his life and habits.  They believe that Mozart was an autistic adult as he possessed various extraordinary skills.


3.     Albert Einstein:

No one from us could be unfamiliar with this name. Albert Einstein, a revolutionary scientist and the famous theorist during his time. He presented various theories on energy and surprised others with his remarkable mental abilities. He had a troubled childhood and he developed social communication issues. Because of these issues, the scientists from renowned university developed a perception that Einstein was an autistic adult.



4.     Andy Warhol:

Andy Warhol possessed the great skills in pop art. He was a famous artist, producer, painter, photographer and director in America. He used to be less talkative and had difficulty in recognizing friends. Experts, who have studied his life, pointed out that these are the qualities of autism sufferer. So, this pop artist was suffering from autism.


5.     Isaac Newton:

Even a hundred thousand words will be lesser to describe his life and his work. Isaac Newton was a remarkable mathematician; physicist, astronomer, scientist and philosopher who surprised every other person and his theories are used as a base for many new inventions. He was a workaholic. He focuses a lot on his work and had lack of friends. He was an anti-social person. due to his lack of social communication, Isaac Newton was thought to have autism.

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