Self-driving cars will be reigning the roads in the next five years. As countless companies are developing this technology, there are also growing concerns about the cyber-security attacks.

Law firm Foley & Lardner surveyed automakers, tech companies and new startups on self-driving cars and to their surprise, sixty-three percent auto execs responded to cyber attacks as a legal concern out of the total eighty-three execs who responded to the survey.

But according to some researchers, it’s not that hard to manipulate this technology. “Cybersecurity expert Jonathan Petit proved it by using a $43 worth of easily-attainable equipment, like a laser pointer, to trick autonomous-driving sensors into thinking obstacles were in their path when they weren’t, and vice versa,” Business Insider wrote.

The other concerns were consumer data privacy (38%), compliance with state and federal regulations (43%), and personal injury liability (55%).

The companies are commercializing self-driving technology but they haven’t yet found a proper way to avoid cyber attacks to a great extent.

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