A towering figure in the Pakistani Politics, Mian Nawaz Shareef, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by an anti-corruption court on Friday. Mian Sahab has been surrounded by controversy ever since his family was involved in Panama gate scandal. After the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif by Supreme Court of Pakistan, the National Accountability Bureau was ordered to file references against the Sharif family in connection with corruption cases against them. The Avenfield reference is one of the three corruption references.


Copy of the Complete Judgement 

(Source: Dawn News)

The verdict has divided Pakistan into two factions:

Anti-Establishment Faction 

The meddling of the military establishment in the State Affairs of Pakistan isn’t new. Throughout the course of history, the military establishment by the virtue of their excessive power have toppled democracies. General Ayub Khan, General Yayha Khan,  General Zia-ul-Haq, and General Musharaf are the torchbearers of this historical injustice to democracy in Pakistan. A large population of the country believes that disqualification of the Nawaz Sharif from the PM House and probe against the Sharif family is by the virtue of the establishment. This faction believes that the rise of Imran Khan is also a blessing of this sacred establishment, the umpires are backing his political movements and this meteoric rise is a threat to democracy.

PTI Bandwagon 

The Sharif family was not sentenced on the account of corruption. Instead, they failed to present a money trail of how these apartments were acquired in the first place. The #IKFORLIFE & Wazeer-e-Azam Imran Khan bandwagon are delighted by this decision and believe that their heartthrob has finally done it!  He has brought the entire Sharif clan to their knees and there is no turning back to this. They already dream of seeing Mr. Khan wearing that Jinnah inspired sherwani and swearing the oath of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Here’s what I feel about the issue!


The Sharif family is corrupt. They have exploited their power to benefit their businesses and extend their rule. However, it’s also fair to say that they have been a victim of systematic injustice and no stones are left unturned to assassinate them politically. The military has always been involved in Pakistani politics. The establishment has used its power to help leaders rise to power suiting their own agenda and when the job is done, they have taken them out of the equation. Nawaz Sharif was a brainchild of this establishment and now the same power has taken his freedom, liberty, and most importantly, his political career. The conviction itself was engineered to meet the most powerful institution of the country. The rampant political intimidation is a simple way to quell that. Mian Sahab has been vocal about this scrutiny. His concern is valid. He had the audacity to tell the reporters in London about the treatment his workers are getting from ISI.

People argue on how justice is rightfully served and there is no need to whine about this issue. Little do they know the true essence of justice. If our honorable judiciary is so obsessed with trials on corruption, why General Musharaf and General Kiyani don’t fall under the ambit of this vetting process?

These question still remain unanswered. I hope I’m wrong. I hope Avenfield Reference starts a wave of accountability. I hope that the leaders of other political parties and Ex-Generals, allegedly involved in corruption, are tried under this same vetting process too. But If the winds of this change don’t blow?

Daal main kuch Khakhi hai. 






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