Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Thanos (Josh Brolin)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

Avengers Movie

The release of Movie from Marvel industries will be a lot longer than we have ever seen. Marvel Avengers End Game watching time and duration will be Three Hours and Two Minutes as new AMC theatres landing page says so.

Recently, we had been hearing a lot of news, perceptions of fans that the duration of the movie will be more than three hours, now it is confirmed. Now we know it is totally true.

Official ticket retailer Fandango also drummed the voice over public platform by tweeted out that the run-time was 182-minutes, after few hours the tweet was deleted. Guess what? it also confirms the run-time of the movie, which is considered a massive leak or teaser.

Since then we’re pretty sure that the deletion of the comment wasn’t a mistake or error but it was an attempt to cover the blunder.

“Reputable organization like Fandango and AMC aren”t just sharing misinformation for social media engagement but for the sake of telling lies, on internet, oh, the absurdity of  it all”

Further details

Previously Joe Russo, one of the main directors, outbound the voice that movie would be around three hours long. the directors have certain plans to keep the movie long because of its nature of the script.

He also made it clear that it will be longer than INFINITY WARS which ran at two hours and 40 minutes. So, the three hours is on the go.

People may think that 3-hours is longer runtime for the movie, which will be another surprise that what it really offered.

Now, we wait and see the release of a movie in Pakistan, now a matter of time. The wait for the movie will over soon. Entertainment will be on house of cinemas sooner.

Expecting its release in Pakistani Cinemas.

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