We’ve all heard of tomatoes and avocadoes being fruits and not vegetables, but have you ever heard someone tell you that bananas are berries? If you haven’t heard it yet well you can hear it from me now while I wail that my entire existence has been a lie. So while you eat your fruit chaat today at iftar, remember my words, Bananas are berries and you can no longer call them a fruit. sad isn’t it? Because this has put me into an existential crisis. We can now successfully establish that the plant and vegetable world is full of weird and unimportant but life impacting information.

From our O level biology classes and from botanists we’ve learned that fruits are the part of the plant that develop from the ovary after fertilization takes place. Fruits contain seeds that they protect and help in dispersal. To add to your information strawberries and raspberries aren’t really berries in the botanical sense they are formed from one flower that has multiple ovaries which makes them into a simple fruit. This means that bananas are berries and raspberries aren’t WOW.

Working through this entire situation further there’s a common saying that all berries are fruit but not all fruits are berries. Why do I say this? There are essentially two types of fruit fleshy fruit or dry fruit. Dry fruits are the fruits that we don’t typically think of as fruit we consider them as nuts etc. (coconut is a fruit!) Fleshy fruits can also be subdivided into fruits, aggregate fruits or multiple fruits, berries can be classified as an aggregate fruit. For a banana to be considered a berry a fruit must have a soft exterior and a fleshy interior that must enclose seeds however many people don’t notice that bananas have seeds since the seeds are very small.

In short bananas can be classified as a fruit and a berry. Bananas meet all the botanical requirements of a berry so now whenever you make a banana smoothie for yourself you can feel better about your diet since you’re not just only having fruits you’re having berries!

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