Everyone knows the popular textile art of Pakistan and India. It is considered one of the most beautiful artisanal artworks in the world. Thanks to Pakistani clothing brand Generation and India’s largest online ethnic store, Craftsvilla, you can simply learn more about this unbelievable, generations-old art form through elegantly embroidered maps, which outstand each area’s textile expertise.

Through the beautifully embroidered map, Craftsvilla tried to show how the fabric for traditional Indian dresses varies areawise. According to the post, ‘every region has its own handloom techniques that are used to weave many unique fabrics.’

Indian Embroidery Map by Craftsvilla

The map also highlights the different techniques used in each area. And, along with this, Craftsvilla used illustrated descriptions to show each region along with their fabrics.

To display a beautiful unity between the two opposing countries,

n what feels like a beautiful show of unity between the two countries, Generation has come up with the same thing: making their equivalent textile map of Pakistan, which has since gone viral with over 20,000 Twitter shares.

From beadwork to cross-stitch to soft and light chunri embroidery, each region is represented with a swatch of fabric that comes together to create a colorful and beautiful piece of art of the culturally rich country.

Pakistani embroidery Map by Generations

Though both the countries are often considered rivals, it feels good to see how both countries are trying to unite in a unique way: using art to connect two different yet same cultures.



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