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Different information according to history we have but today we will provide you the maximum information about the temple of heaven Beijing (China). In the simple word you can say that this one is religious place, Chinese pray to God. As one of the most complete antiquated sanctuaries in China.

The Temple of Heaven is a very wonderful and well-known vacation spot for those meeting Beijing close by with Forbidden City, Travelers really enjoy this place not only a religious point of view. The Temple really attractive architecture design so mostly travelers just view the design. It is the biggest and most delegate existing showstopper among China’s old conciliatory structures.

If you are discussing the contract history so you can say that the first temple built in 1420 but after few years once again reconstructed during the rules of the Ming ruler Jiajing and the Qing sovereign Qianlong. In 1988, now it was opened for everyone, its fabulous building style and significant social meaning give a piece of knowledge into the acts of the antiquated Eastern human progress.

Tourist Map:

As we know it’s really very big temple so without proper the guideline you can’t enjoy your trip. Generally, travelers start the route of the journey at South Gate and view the temple. But don’t forget if you travel along maybe you miss many interesting places and a lot of amazing architecture design.

So we suggest you must travel with your special one and family members as well. In case it’s not possible so with the help of tour guide you can make your Temple of Heaven journey memorable and China Southern Flight Tickets also helps you to make your journey memorable because this airline provides really great and fantastic services as compared to others. So don’t waste more time because no more life we have to enjoy must schedule your next travel plan today.

Architectural Art:

Everything is perfect you listen much time but the real picture of these words must see the Architectural Art of the temple of haven. Every part of the temple really attractive and amazing, the construction worker deserves appreciation because they are done really amazing work. The Temple of Heaven is the most delegate case of Chinese custom engineering.

It is known for its thorough representative format, exceptional structure, and wonderful enhancement. Now I am telling you about the most amazing and most interesting point. As we know in the temple of heave has separate hall of prayer for God Harvests. According to our information Its 38 meters (125 ft) tall and 36 meters (118 ft) wide. But this one is, one of the largest medieval wooden structures. It’s really amazing and appreciable work. So when you visit must see the Architectural beauty and this type of beauty make it different from other Chinese temple.

Today’s Temple of Heaven:

As we know it’s a religious place and it’s not open 24 hours for everyone. The Temple of Heaven Park is available to the general people from 6 am to 9 pm. However the actual temples within this complex don’t open until 8 am. The temple has four entrance gates, and the located on the north, east, south, and west.

Simply you can buy entrance tickets at any of these entrance gates and enter the temple. Now you think what’s the entrance ticket price? Don’t worry we always here to resolve your hurdles, According to our information you can purchase different tickets for entrance, yes different tickets required for entrance.

You just want to see the park so the ticket price is (15 Yuan). But in case you want to see complete the temple of haven or historical attractions places. And as well as the Circular Mound Altar so you should buy a special ticket and the price is (34 Yuan). But after paying a few amounts you can enjoy all day. Now one of the most important question is what’s time is best for travelers because they have no extra time.

So we suggest you early morning is the best time to visit the temple of heaven. Now obviously you think that’s the reason behind, so the reason is, in the morning you can see the different interesting experience and youngster performing vigorous kung Fu punches and kicks. It’s really unique for you if you are not a citizen of china.

According to our information the Temple of Heaven is divided into two parts. Now you think what’s the reason behind, why the temple of heaven divided into 2 parts. Don’t worry we clear you confusion, The major reason of this patriation is attraction. Yes the Government of china divided into two-part, One part specially for travelers and 2nd one for public. Without wasting more time reschedule your traveling plan today.

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