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The travelling experience has drastically changed over the years. Travelling is not about stressful airport trips and boring airplane hours anymore. Technology has helped us evolve our travelling experience for good and now we have thousands of entertainment solutions to keep us occupied in the long travel hours.

However, entertainment is not everything a traveler needs for a hassle free experience. Every kind of assistance is needed when you’re travelling somewhere unfamiliar. Since our smartphones have become our indispensable companions, they help us immensely when we need to access instant information about anything. However, many life-changing apps have managed to make our travel life super convenient than ever and here we are listing down for you some fool-proof and the best apps for travelers that we feel are must for a pleasant travelling experience.

  1. Netflix

While Netflix has never failed to keep us updated with amazing shows and series, it could also be your best friend during your travelling. This app has always been a cult favorite, but it now offers offline downloads of your favorite movies and TV shows so that you can enjoy them without having to worry about wifi or roaming charges.

  1. XE currency

Keeping up with the exchange rates is crucial to avoid loss and staying updated. XE has been a popular website for checking exchange rates and converting currencies for a long time and it is now available as an app for both iOS and Android for free.

  1. iTranslate

iTranslate is going to be your partner in crime when you’re traveling to a country with an unfamiliar language. Just speak into your phone and it will translate it into 90 different languages within a matter of seconds. Things could not get simpler! Why don’t you get this one of the best apps for travelers?

  1. Amazon Kindle

Craving a good read? No need to carry dozens of books with you everywhere. Amazon Kindle offers an amazing collection of books and you just cannot go wrong with it. This app is a dream come true for all the nerds and book lovers out there.

  1. Tripit

This app is a life saver for anyone who is not the best with staying super organized with their bookings. This app will be your travel agent on-the-go. It requires forwarding your emails to the app. Then, it will organize all of your confirmation emails for flights, bookings and rentals into a single itinerary.

So here are some of our favorite apps for a fool proof performance. These apps will assist you through thick and thin and make your routine much easier and convenient. They are easily available for IOS and Android.

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