If you have a child who is fond of computer and all tech related gadgets, there are so many techy games and application available in the market that will teach them all the young and easy coding and computer skills. The variety is so much that it will give you rounds and rounds of selection. But we took it upon ourselves to provide you with a list so you can easily get access to some of the best tech games without having to surf a lot of time searching. Here goes

  1. Robot Turtles

Not everything has to go overboard with all the wires and gadgets. Robot Turtles is a modern-day board game for the children of age 3-8 years. We assure you that your kid will remain preoccupied with this one of a kind board game.

Robot Turtles was originally a Kickstarter project, put on the site in 2013 by former Google developer Dan Shapiro. It raised $631,230 — the goal was $25,000, pledged by 13,765 people. The game is now published by ThinkFun.

  1. Circuit maze

This interesting game requires building an actual circuit. It contains a 5×5 grid and the players have to create the circuit in order to turn on the light and win. It has great engagement quality is best for kids around 8.13 years.

  1. Lego Boost Robotics

Every kid is a fan of Lego movie which is why the manufacturers have come with this robotic idea. The children can build up to 5 robots and it has some great features along with it. A must-have for your tech-loving child.

As usual with Lego sets, the Boost components are compatible with other Lego sets, so once a child has built, for example, Vernie the robot, they can customize it — maybe using superhero or Star Wars-themed sets, or something completely unique. As is the case with many Lego sets, it’s on the more expensive side: about $160 for the set.

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