In the world of today where technology and gadgets help in various fields and make human life very convenient, there is a demerit of technology that it has made mankind an ease lover and more of a couch potato. Experts around the world are in search of ways to make human beings get a healthy routine and become healthy. Here are a few apps that help you lose weight and live a healthy life.

Name: Moov HR Burn:

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Description: The move HR Burn works like a chest wrap that connects with a free app that interacts with you and guides you through various indoor exercise classes and helps you with your workout routine. It takes your heart rate readings to make sure that you are working hard and motivates you to do more.

Price: $60.00

Name: Whoop Strap 2.0

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Description: This gadget looks more like a wristband that reads your heart rate, it is more. The Whoop Strap uses the data it receives to guide you about your health and maintains your schedule. This includes your time to recover and gets you a recovery score. If the score is low, the app indicates you to take care of yourself. It also maintains and gets you a calculated time needed for you to sleep.

Price: $100.00

Name: Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition:

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Description: This pair of earbuds connect wirelessly and monitor your heart rate and connects using a Bluetooth connection with an app that further works as an instructor to help you run. You can even listen to your favorite music while you’re running.

Price: $160.00

There are numerous gadgets that can help you stay fit and lead a healthy life. Get yourself one of the above-mentioned gadgets and get a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

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