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In our previous article, we covered the best apps for travelers every travel enthusiast must be aware of. If you are new to the whole health and fitness binge, this article will help you find the perfect app for you to get started on your fitness journey. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t always necessarily mean a picture perfect body. It means feeling your best self and being happy with what is going in your body.

Many people who have started their journey have reported that a health plan has ‘changed their lives’ and made them into a much happier and satisfied version of themselves. They also report experiencing more happy days, reduced stress, better mood and reduced anxiety and sleeping problems.

Since we live in the era of smartphones and apps, here are some of the best life-changing apps out there to get you started and help you organize your routine and find out what’s right for you.

Nike + training club app

This is one of the most popular and reliable apps out on the market. It’s free and has a variety of workout plans; many of which don’t require any equipment. Thus, it makes working out at home super easy and convenient.

It is available for free for Android and iOS which is great because, for a beginner, you want to first try out all your options before investing in something hardcore.

Meditation Studio

In order to be in a happy place in our lives, we need to be spiritually healthy as well in addition to being physically healthy. Meditation has been recommended for many centuries in order to provide relief to problems such as depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Meditation studio is a great app for accessing different types of meditations to relief targeted problems.


This app is slightly similar to the Nike app except it is a bit advanced once you upgrade it. Following the upgrade, you’ll be able to customize your workouts according to the time you have as well as the specific areas of your body that you especially want to target. Customized workouts are excellent if you are not looking for a general fitness workout and want to target specific areas of your body.


Headspace is another meditation app but this one is perfect for beginners. After you complete the 10 days free trial of getting started, you can upgrade the app and access some excellent features which are the main essence of this app.

You can customize your meditations to tailor to your specific needs and you’ll get the perfect blend of guidance for your problems in a straightforward manner.

So here are some of the most recommended fitness apps to improve your physical and mental health and get in the right state of mind for an improved lifestyle.

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