As the entire world aware of it that, Pakistan has improved its tourism sector and offers many tourists to come to this God bless valley to explore it. And get knew about its beauty, culture, and tradition that overloaded with hospitality. And from last the few years, many foreigners came to Pakistan with the PIA Ticket Reservation and visited its attraction and promote the Pakistanis Hospitable attitude, moral behavior and even fall in love with Pakistan’s land and appreciate Pakistan from the depth of heart. But few are not coming just because. They are unable to find out the staying places with the restaurant’s facilities in Pakistan. So, these few people just start to pack their luggage because this blog going to provide you the list of those places. Where you can easily stay there with the traditional taste of Desi food.

When you are going on the break whether it would be for business, pleasure or exploring destination. Then the hotel is your second home away from your real home. Which purely satisfy your travel needs like, given the travelers’ complete comfort zone, entertainment, security. Also with leisure, Spas, Swimming pools, the outstanding taste of Pakistani restaurants. With the offering of different cuisine, internet facility and luxurious room for getting rest when you feel tired of exploring the attraction sites.

It gives proper accommodation for travelers with the collection of the lavish hotels. That scattered throughout the country’s popular cities. when you too much enjoying exploring Pakistan. The trouble of going out to eat hungry late at night is revolutionized by hotels. The room attendants who will bring the meal of your choice right to your door. You can go itself just 2 feet step far away your hotel’s restaurant. And even hotels offer to various delicacies showcase of the fine Buffet for guests to enjoy. So, let’s create a plan to explore the ever best places in Pakistan for staying with the combo of caters.

Pearl Continental Hotel:

PC the Pearl Continental hotel is the lavish most premier hotel in Pakistan with the resort and restaurant services. The chain of PC hotels is located all around Pakistan’s cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gawadar, Bhurbana and Muzaffarabad under the subsidiary of Hashoo Groups (who introduced the first PC in the Karachi). This hotel provides luxurious suite services with all the elegant interiors. It also provides a flat-screen for entertainment, DVD player, air conditional system, open Terries, full of furnished environment along with the offering of the local and the international cuisines, breakfast buffet, mouth-watering dinner and even on-site dinner option available. You can order any food which you have a craving to eat there. There is an ATM and a currency exchange service also available there.

Avari Towers:

Avari Towers in Karachi are one of the fancy and the exclusive hotels in Pakistan. The tallest hotel of the country located on the Fatima Jinnah Road Karachi. This is the most leisure spot that has 20 stories with approximately 236 rooms. Comes in the four-star list having the international modern standard with the facilities of the swimming pool, air-conditioned environment, all rooms have internet facilities. This also provides amazing food quality. Here you can meet the Desi flavor of the Pakistani cuisine and even all international cuisines. It including Chinese, Japanese, Italian and all further dine in the fantastic interior restaurant, which offers delicious food variety to all the guests and the person who reserved room can eat it in their suites.

Serena Hotel:

The Islamabad Serena Hotel is the best hotel in Pakistan and is constructed in the 14-acre area. Which has 387 guest rooms that are amazingly decorated according to the Swati tribe with the view of the mountain range and the Rawal Lake? This beautiful location has served many outsider notable figures, politicians, and Pakistani known names. It has a Spa house that gives an abundance of the therapies as well as the restaurants of the hotel serves. All cuisines offered that make your taste buds more taste and for the international business deals. The three bars also organized there with modern traditional styles. Even all the rooms have fabulous architecture, impeccable services, lavish furniture with all entertainment tools facilitate you.

Faletti’s Hotel:

The Faletti’s hotel located at eh 24 Egerton road Lahore. It is one of the ancient hotels of the Lahore (it has rich history goes to the 1880’s era of the British ruler) that renovated with the modern, innovative art and architecture. This has amazing restaurants, banquet halls; modern decorating style rooms and meeting board rooms also facilitate the business meetings. Many of the visitors come with the Serene Airlines Ticket Prices keeping the curiosity of the British era hotel.

Sheraton Hotel:

Sheraton Hotel located in Karachi is also a five-star famous, luxurious and modern hotel with a beautiful view of the Karachi beach. There are with 407 lavish rooms has free internet facility, entertainment equipment, gyms, pool with the full alert security system.

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