Pakistan is a diversified nation and a perfect location in geographical perspectives. In a research carried out by article writing services in Pakistan, below illustrated best tourism spots in Pakistan should be visited by the tourists, when they land in Pakistan.

1. Neelum Valley 

Neelum Valley, Kashmir

This valley can be found in Kashmir and located over 144 km long distance. It provides an excellent view of the valley through panoramic views, and excellent scenes. It is one of the best sites in terms of mountain views, running river and lush green forests. Adding on, People here are also very friendly and caring, hence a place worth visiting in Pakistan.

2. Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley

Another location surrounded by beautiful mountains, and at the elevation of 2,500 metres, Hunza Valley provides a luxurious atmosphere to the visitors. This valley lies in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, and worth watching for the visitors. Tourists come here in large numbers to experience lush green grass, high mountains and traditional culture of Gilgit-Baltistan. In addition, one of the famous food dishes, named “Mamtoo” must also be tasted by visitors.

3. Kalash Valley


Furthermore, Kalash Valley also contributes to one of the other tourism spots in Pakistan. Kalash Valley also receives a high number of tourism revenues. Surrounded by attractive hills, stony houses and historical background this place sits on top locations. Kelash is an old Greek civilization, identifying people of an old tribe civilization. It presents hilly sides of Pakistan and people fond of trekking must come here to enjoy their precious time and meet the locals. Some beautiful villages also increase the beauty of this valley, because people here built villages using rough shaped logs. This area provides an opportunity to involve in a number of festivals celebrated on a weekly and monthly basis. Some of the most famous festivals include Uchal Festival and Phoo Festival. Furthermore, countless number of sites can be visited by tourists here.

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