While the year 2017 ended with the most exciting and thrilling video games, the year 2018 still surpassed and won the race.

Here are some of the best video games of 2018. Enjoy, thank me later.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a mashup of Star Wars and Guitar Hero: blocks of color fly toward you in time to the music, and you have to swat them away with a pair of humming lightsabers. The experience is exceptional and very absorbing. But this virtual reality game is not just a game. It is a complete workout as well. All the moving and adrenaline will make you sweat like nothing else. So entertainment and health, all in one game!

Dead Cells

Dead Cells executes a very Castlevania-like sense of style, as you wander through ruined landscapes battling all manner of gothic monsters. It feels like a classic while remaining very much its own game. It is a very entertaining game, which stands out from everyone else.


This is a very unique game. This game lasts less than two hours. And in this small perio0d of time, it tells an incredibly strong, beautiful and sentimental story.  it makes up for by telling its tale in a way that only video games can. As you go through the life of the titular lead, you use simple interactions to mimic her everyday life, whether it’s riding the train or brushing her teeth. Gradually, the game becomes faster and more stressful as the infatuation grows and feelings become stronger.

God Of War

God of War, like the name, gives the perspective, it is based on anger and violence. The anger is the main personality trait owned by the primary character. But over the time, the relationship between the primary character and his son grows and it becomes a game, that people actually care about.


Gris is more than just a pretty face, but it sure is pretty. Playing is like moving around a lush, hand-drawn space, where the world changes and grows around you. It tells a simple story of bringing color back to a desolate landscape, and while it only lasts a few short hours. It makes an everlasting impact.

Into The Breach

This an amazing game. It is unlike most strategy games, it is played more like a game of chess. You also get to see how your opponents will act before you decide on your strategy. This makes every single decision an important one, and early on, this game will absolutely kick your ass. But a world of strategies will soon be unveiled to you.

Pokemon: Let’s Go

Pokémon: Let’s Go is an extremely entertaining and amusing game. It’s a game meant to ease Pokémon Go players toward more traditional Pokémon games, and it could’ve easily ended up into something that didn’t appeal the users. But this game has been the best of both worlds and perhaps the perfect entry point for new users.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption often proves to be a very fussy game, with unexplained errors and mechanics. But it has the depth and the detail that no other game has. It is completely full to the brim with high-intensity moments, like cooking a meal or riding horses and it is the closest you will get to live in the Wild West.



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