While the uncanny resemblance is almost deceiving, there’s this one feature which can be regarded as the ‘mighty’ difference between previously launched S8 and brand new Samsung Galaxy s9

The previous year turned out a little unexpected for Samsung as Samsung Galaxy S8 received appreciation and complaints, simultaneously.

The sleek, sharp and well-designed look was eye-catching but on another hand, one wrongly located fingerprint sensor proved to be that one ‘bad fish’ who spoiled the whole pond.


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Wise men learn from their mistakes:

Unlike other big-brands who pretend to act deaf whenever they receive negative feedbacks, Samsung heard the hatred loud and clear. ‘Hatred’  because it was not only difficult to use the fingerprint sensor that was placed on the left of the camera lens, it was also freaking irritating whenever the finger found itself placed on the camera instead of the right spot!

Nevertheless, Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy s9 which can be regarded as the ‘correct version of s8’ because it doesn’t carry visible upgraded features or a different body what it really has is ‘sense.’

Yes, sense- the sense of locating the fingerprint sensor at the right place.

This surprise might be a little late for those users who have got their finger twisted in order to get used to the fingerprint but the new users are advised to look at the better version and appreciate their luck.





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