Bitcoin a good investment but not a promising currency, experts say at Davos
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Let’s just agree to one fact; bitcoin is not that secure digital currency anymore but a much-hyped investment asset. From being a leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin is now was being discussed at World Economic Forum amid many countries such as Germany and France plotting to regulate the cryptocurrency trade.

At World Economic Forum this year at Davos, two terms blockchain and cryptocurrency were a part of major and heated discussions among a pool of experts and analysts.

“The central banks have been nurturing the [financial] system for centuries… we’ve got a good thing going on,” said Nobel laureate Robert Shiller while suggesting that bitcoin can never be as promising as real currencies such as dollar and pound are.

Cecilia Skingsley, deputy governor of Sweden’s central bank implied that bitcoin’s volatile nature is the biggest hindrance for it to be used as a currency.

British Prime Minister Theresa May voiced her concerns regarding cryptocurrency trading in a very strong way. She feels that cryptocurrency is being used by criminals and hence, her government is very concerned about regulating the cryptocurrency trade.

How did the Twitter react?

Whatever the debate turnout was, the crypto world had to react Many cryptocurrency investors, analysts and fans came out against the bitcoin criticism at WEF. Have a look at what they had to say.

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