Finally, after the launch of Samsung’s S8 and S8+, its virtual assistant made its debut in the US.

Yesterday, the company announced a preview of the most-awaited feature of the phone: a new virtual assistant called Bixby, and a limited number of S8 and S8+ users will get the limited access to the preview to test voice features.

The concept behind developing the digital assistant is to make users’ life easier by introducing a simpler way of controlling the device and its applications. With the help of it, people can ask the assistant to send a message, make a phone call, take their selfie, change phone’s setting, set a reminder and much more with just their voice commands.

Samsung hasn’t declared its official launch date, but probably it will be in the ‘near future’. The delay is attributed to the company’s trouble in optimizing Bixby for English commands. Meanwhile, the Korean manufacturer has announced to fully launch an early preview in South Korea.

Samsung doesn’t take it as a hurdle and continues to further work on eliminating the trouble, and expects all its products to support Bixby in the future.

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