Rather than bombarding the mobile market with lots of smartphones, TCL has definitely played it safe. The company has released only two Android smartphones in its first-year of exclusive ownership license.

At least one of those two Android-branded smartphones proved successful, and we already know there’s going to be a sequel earlier next year. And that would definitely be a major and real upgrade, not a simple and minor one.

Enter the BBF100-1, a model number that makes for a logical sequel to the BBB100-1, original KEYone, and BBD100-1, known to the public as the BlackBerry Motion.

The phone is already revealed to feature a  1620 x 1080 touchscreen, just like its predecessor, in addition to traditional yet productive QWERTY keyboard, the BBF100-1 also appears to pack a Snapdragon 660 processor and 6GB RAM.

The latest Geekbench listing appears to be incorrect as it displays Qualcomm as the phone manufacturer. As we know pretty well that TCL that TCL is in charge of production under that BlackBerry Mobile license and though early benchmarking information can sometimes be incorrect and misleading, this fits perfectly with our expectations for the upcoming sequel.

6GB of RAM would offer smooth multitasking experience, an upper mid-range SD660 SoC seems like the perfect trade-off between raw power and energy efficiency, and already, this likely raw BBF100-1 prototype runs Android 8.0 Oreo. We still have to wait a while for an official announcement from the company.

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