Blockcain launches bitcoin buying and selling in the US | Telenews,pk

One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency wallets, Blockchain has launched the bitcoin buying and selling feature for its users in the United States. According to CNBC, the company has decided to allow only bitcoin selling to gain the trust of its users. Within some time, people could buy bitcoin from Blockchain as well and other cryptocurrencies will also be added, said Blockchain’s CEO Peter Smith.

According to Peter Smith, more than 30% of its daily users belong to the US. Currently, Coinbase is the largest bitcoin exchange operating in the United States and Blockchain’s entry into the market can give birth to a potential competition between two large companies.

As far as bitcoin prices are concerned, much is being predicted about it. As safe as one could predict, bitcoin will probably cross its all-time high of $19,700 before the year ends. This year will prove to be the most crucial player in cryptocurrency’s future.

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