BMW reveals the concept of its new mini electric car


BMW unveils its iconic electric concept car that was launched back in 2008 but would go on production in 2019.

The three-door electric car will be officially introduced at the Frankfort motor show in the coming month.

BMW says it will have “a powerful electric motor”.

“The new Mini Electric concept is instantly recognizable from the front by its hexagonal radiator grille and circular headlights,” says BMW.

The gearbox, motor, and battery pack will be manufactured in Germany and the rest of it will be fixed in the UK factory.

It says “offers a window into how pure-electric day-to-day mobility might look in the years ahead”.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW board member responsible for Mini, added: “With its characteristic go-kart feeling and powerful electric motor, the Mini Electric Concept is great fun to drive while also being completely suitable for everyday use – and producing zero emissions to boot. That’s how we at Mini envisage electric mobility in tomorrow’s world.”

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