In cities where two-wheel vehicles are commonly used have traffic congestion problems the most.

And to resolve the constant traffic jams, BMW and Tongji University have come up with a vision of E3 way, that gives e-bike riders their own roads. By introducing separate travel routes for cars and bikes, the congestion problem can be resolved to a great extent.

“An automatic speed limit (in the concept, about 15.5MPH) and AI-driven traffic management would prevent the faster vehicles from crashing into scooters,” Engadget wrote.

“BMW envisions a rental system where you’d pick up a bike at an access point if you need to get across town in a hurry.”

The routes of E3 way would be above the regular roads and would be covered in order to keep the riders safe from the rainwater.

BMW has indeed introduced an idea, let’s see how high population cities do things to resolve the increasing congestion problems.

Moreover, BMW has launched BMW i3 120ah battery which is integrated in all the latest models.

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