BMW has unveiled how driving will be evolved in next 100 years by unveiling its future concepts for vehicles. BMW has no intend, so far, to actually manufacture these vehicles and put them up for sale, but they have given the concept of some tech specs that they will use for their future vehicles.

The German automaker has so far divulged three autos and two motorcycles for its Vision Next 100 line, all of which are guarantee to self-driving tech and electric vehicles. Apart from these, the ideas additionally grandstand more unusual innovations, such as clothing intended to turn on specific features in a vehicle.

Take a look below to have an insight to wild futuristic innovations:

Mini Vision Next 100

The Mini Vision Next 100 idea auto is intended for a future where ride-sharing is not unusual.

The auto has an AI assistant feature that can recognize consistent travelers and welcome them with a light-up sign.

The interior of the car is exceptional moderate and jumble-free. A heads-up will indicate useful information like route and speed.

The auto is fit for driving itself. At the point when its self-driving mode is initiated, the steering wheel will move to the center of the dashboard.

Vision Next 100

Next one is BMW’s Vision Next 100. We’re obsessed with the wheels, which make delightful smooth movement when you turn the steering wheel.

The auto encompasses two driving modes: Boost Mode for great, manual driving and Ease Mode activate its self-driving.

The controlling wheel will draw back into the dashboard when the auto is driving itself.

The idea additionally accompanies an AI assistant called Companion that will modify the auto to the driver’s preference. It will even speak with people on foot when driving itself.


Yet, maybe the coolest auto in BMW’s Vision Next 100 line is the totally autonomous Rolls-Royce idea, the 103EX.

There’s no steering wheel since the auto is totally driverless. Travelers can feel comfortable by resting themselves on a silk and comfy sofa.

The vehicle also has an OLED TV screen.

The doors open automatically when travelers are prepared to begin their drive.

There’s even a secret compartment to store your stuff.

The idea also accompanies its own particular AI assistant named Eleanor which can update people about their upcoming appointments and their trips’ progress.

Vision Next 100 Motorrad

BMW revealed its first bike idea, the Vision Next 100 Motorrad, last October. It includes a consistent frame so that turning the handlebars moves the whole bike.

The bike has got giant wheels.

It accompanies a couple of complimentary enlarged reality glasses that show pertinent data, like the bike’s current speed, directly in the front of the rider.

BMW plan a suit that is inserted with sensors, which will vibrate when a vehicle is drawing nearer to the right or left.

All-electric Scooter Idea

The German automaker appears to be specifically dedicated to planning the bike of future. On Friday, BMW disclosed another, all-electric scooter idea.

The bike highlights two touchscreens. The one in the middle of the handle bars demonstrates the driver battery data, route, and speed. The display beneath the handle bars handles secondary data, like music options.

The bicycle accompanies a complimentary jacket that can activate secret luggage door.

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