The biggest aviation event started off on Monday where the French president made his entrance aboard a A400M military transporter.

The first day of the event comprised of many announcements, including the introduction of the biggest single-aisle airline yet by Boeing Co.

The 737 Max 10 has the capacity to seat upto 230 passengers, 50 more than the company’s Max 9 and is 5.5 feet longer as well.

The airline has announced their plans to send Max 9 into service next year and the Max 8, went into service just last month.

The Max 10 was a result of customer demand to build bigger aircrafts. The capacity is an attempt to match their European rival while it burns 5% lesser fuel. However it is expected that the biggest rival of the Max 10 will be other Boeing models rather than the Neo. And according to reports the Max 10 is expected to be priced slightly higher than the Max 9 which is priced at around $119 million.

It was reported that spice Jet ltd. immediately announced that they’d be buying 40 of the new Max Jets of which 20 will be MAX 10s. Where they converted their orders of Max8s to the bigger jet. Tourism group TUI AG converted 18 orders to the new plane. United Airlines and Indonesia’s Lion Mentari Airlines PT are expected to place orders at the Paris show as well.

“We are continuing to see strong energy in the marketplace,” said CEO Dennis Muilenburg, “I think there’s a little upside here this week” at the Paris show where he predicted that all the orders received will somewhat match deliveries this year.

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