Dear Boss, Here's how you can transform into a successful leader

People often mix the two broad terms: boss and a leader. But both are entirely different from each other. On the basis of past records, it is observed that the teams with effective and long-lasting outcomes are the ones directed by successful leaders, not bosses. There’s a clear difference between a boss and a leader.

So, how can one be a leader? Here are seven ways that can transform you into a leader:

1. Keep loving people.

No one can be a successful eader unless he or she loves being around people. One must understand that every person is unique with individual personalities, traits and talents. Being a leader you should be happy to see your followers succeed.

2. Always motivate people under you.

Bosses motivate through fear. Leaders, interestingly, motivate by identifying out of what causes an individual to perform at their most astounding potential, and by expecting greatness from their teams even when those people don’t see in themselves. Leaders additionally cheer and praise victories, little and big, in light of the fact that they know they are their groups’ greatest fans.

3. Guidance is the best key.

Bosses control while leaders know that their team can work well under good guidance, support and motivation. So, in order to have the best outcomes, leaders establish frameworks and structure, then empower their teams to get things done.

4. Be adaptable.

Bosses tend to be hard and inflexible in getting things done. However, a successful leader understands that a person must be adaptable to the situation. He or she understands individuality and approach leadership styles accordingly.

5. Delegate tasks.

Sometimes, bosses feel they are delegators, but they never completely delegate tasks. A leader does. They assign tasks and then let go.

6. Give credit, accept blame.

Bosses take credits if their teams are successful, but the situation is opposite if their teams fail to achieve required goals. However, leaders know their success comes from their teams’ hard work. They put forward their teams’ efforts when they succeed, and take responsibility if fail.

7. Practise risk acceptance.

Bosses maintain a distance from risk no matter what since they are frightful that putting it all on the line may deliver an apparent disappointment. However, leaders realize that the best gains originate from going for risk. Leaders empower and urge their teams to attempt new things, and they see each mistake or failure as a chance to make improvements.

The journey to transform into an influential leader is not easy. You have to sacrifice your ego as well be adaptable. It indeed is a challenging and tough personal development experience. Become a leader, and you’ll find that your life will be less stressful, and exponentially more fulfilling. Eventually, you’ll achieve new levels of success and you’ll become successful and very successful.

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