Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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From a traveler’s perspective, Pakistan is a destination of breathtaking natural sights which once seen, can never be forgotten. From daunting rainbow mountain ranges to beautiful water bodies, it is country with endless beauty. Along with other blessings, Pakistan has some mesmerizing waterfalls on the Earth. So much so that they seem a lost part of heaven itself.

So check this list of the most stunning waterfalls in Pakistan which definitely deserve to be your next traveling spot!

Sajikot Waterfall

- Sajikot Waterfall These Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan are a Literal Sight Of Heaven
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Sajikot Waterfalls are located in Abbottabad. They are on 2o minutes drive from Havelian. The waterfall is a literal breathtaking sight as the colors of the rainbow are often clearly visible on the reflection of water.

Neela Sandh Waterfall

Neela Waterfall - Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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Sadly, it is not a very known fact but Islamabad hosts a stunning waterfall. Neela Sandh is actually a hilly area in the district Rawalpindi which is just 40 km away from Islamabad. So next time you are planning to visit Rawalpindi or Islamabad, don’t forget to pay a visit here. This is one of the many reasons to visit Islamabad.

Narar Waterfalls

Narar Waterfall - Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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This amazing waterfall proudly rules the hills of Panjpeer. The holy vibe of Panjper along with the mesmerizing beauty of this heavenly waterfall is an unforgettable experience.

Kutton Waterfall

Kutton Waterfall - Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir is a dream of every tourist to visit. But this dream will be worth becoming a reality if you go to the glorious Kutton Waterfall in Neelum Valley, which ranks among the top waterfalls in Pakistan. The interesting facts about this waterfall are that the water there is chilling cold even in extreme summers.

Cham Waterfall

Cham Waterfall - Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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Cham Waterfall is another enticing waterfall in Azad Kashmir. The waterfall is actually situated in a small beautiful village of Hattian Vala District. If you’re visiting Kashmir on weekend this is a msut-visit.

Dhani Waterfall

Dhani Waterfall - Breathtaking Waterfalls in Pakistan
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Well, when it comes to Azad Kashmir,  the list of waterfalls in Pakistan is endless. Another picturesque waterfall in Kashmir is the Dhani Waterfall. The unique red mud mountains surround the waterfall in such a way that it looks like a view from an imaginative dream sequence.

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