Credits: Curve

This paper airplane upgrade is more important than any android update for all the paper plane loving kids.

“Dart Aircraft” is a PowerUp manufactured paper airplane e is a type of gadget which has the capability to fly with the help of a mobile app via a smartphone. You need to introduce a particular application to influence this paper plane to work, by setting up your cell phone to Flight mode and tuning into GPS location on your phone. The PowerUp Dart utilizes A5 80 GSM or 8.5″X5.5″ paper, above which a modulator is settled.


The idea of this phone-controlled paper airplane was first shared by PowerUp in 2014, but it’s now finally available for pre-order now, however, the kit will retail by the end of this month. So not only kids even adults are excited about this really cool gadget.

“The conversion kit that gives your paper airplanes superpowers. It’s simple- just fold a small paper plane, attach DART and turn up the controls on DART’s smartphone app to take flight in your backyard, office, or park.” Says PowerUp.

Isn’t it ironic that a thing as basic as a paper plane is now a gadget? Kudos to tech.

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